The eastern territory consists in its entirety of the waterfront. A vast expanse of brackish water in the oceanic bay stretches far out to sea, and though the water is colored a blackish brown it is relatively clean. The docks run about two miles along the bay front, built of splintering wood that stand on tall, secure wooden stilts, keeping it high and clear of the water. The bay, dubbed Blackwater Sound, eventually leads out to the ocean, but it is a long, treacherous swim. The bay is filled with sunken ships, or those of the smaller sort on the verge of sinking. Dotted along the docks are warehouses of varying size, filled with molding crates and mostly ransacked supplies. For those who can actually find them, the sewers are what the Carna call home sweet home and run miles under the city. The southern tip of the lands lay in the shadow of the great Citadel Mountain range.

Lovely POSTED IN 'Light in The Darkness [Ethan]'


The Fulsi rule the heart of the city, and their western territory is the largest of all the Rings as it is actually more expansive than both the Carna and Fallen lands combined. The abandoned streets nearest to the long line of tall skyscrapers are always bustling with the come and go of the Fulsi, due to the fact that they are the main stages of operation. It is unknown to all others which skyscraper is actually the headquarters as a method of front-line defense. The rest of the territory contains the surface streets, alleyways, as well as the commonplace stores and restaurants. It is a vital source of supplies, and many of the buildings are often raided by other rings. Surprisingly, green life has again begun to thrive in the city, vines crawling up the sides of buildings and grass and tree's sprouting from the streets and sidewalks, giving an eerie sense of life to the commonly desolate land.

Ace POSTED IN 'ain't no sunshine [P]'


The southern territory included within the borders of the FallenRing are that of the once magnificent Switchstone Express rail lines and the harsh spread of the desert lands. Switchstone station and it's long, twisted tracks are the only thing actually visible from a razor-wire fence that works to keep out intruders. These lands are a vast expanse of abandonment - very quiet, serene and often times lonely landscapes. This is obviously the edge of the city, outskirts. Several buildings lay within the Fallen's reaches, though they choose a more secluded area for their residence, the Switchstone Express and all it's cars. To the eastern sectors of their territory lay the Citadel Mountains, and on the other side sprawls the decrepit Carna.



This territory called The District by the Nakoma Tribe is predominantly seen as a junkyard filled with heaps of metal scraps and cars and left over building material. But the Nakoma have truly made this territory their own, reclaiming the land that was once the Bestia’s to provide safety and refuge for any and all Anthros in need. The junkyard is the main spread of the territory, and is surrounded by surface streets which the Nakoma patrol, as well as an abandoned factory and a sprawling riverbed. The Carna are the closest border-wise and they remain a constant threat.

Artemis Shalour POSTED IN 'Practice Makes Proficient (OPEN)'


Fortuna's Racetrack

A rather pristine looking chapel stands with white-washed walls now stained with rust and half rubbed off with age, wooden doors always firmly shut. But to those who press further will find the delicious secret that lays within - and below. This little church was constructed in the early era of the 1920's by some corrupt clergymen, for during the Prohibition era when the sale of alcohol was made illegal by the government, what is known as a 'Speakeasy' was constructed in the church's cellar. What started out as a small basement operation grew larger till the underground drinking haven expanded into a cavernous room filled with round tables, a bar, and plenty of moonshine liquor to go round. There are some gas lanterns to be lit and a ventilation system to keep the air going, but it still can be quite dark. For those who can stand the 'rotgut' liquor, there are plenty of bottles of the stuff, whiskey, wine, and the bootleg hard stuff in various locations, you just have to look a bit. It is a common meeting place for peaceful Ring talks.

Noisette Todd POSTED IN 'winter's chill :: NOISETTE'

Breathelight Inn...a place that already stank of decay and now shows even more the obvious signs of age. The walls are faded and stained with dirt and grime, and the building's foundation is beginning to crumble as it sinks slowly into the ground as it sags morosely with age. Be warned that the three story Inn is prone to collapses and cave ins; it has seen brighter days, to be sure. Patches of withered brown grass still remain around a single huge tree, which is missing most of its leaves and branches, reaching for salvation with skeletal fingers. There is a stench of smoke and fire lurking about the area. A pool's murky yet refreshing water is enticing in the inn's back lawn, and a few fountains for fresh water decorate the area. The inn lays closest to the Fulsi territory, but it is open to all as a neutral area.


Costin Stark POSTED IN 'Run, Run, Lost Boy. [P]'

A small section of green land is a refreshing change from the dull grays and browns of the decaying city, trees of various sizes dotting the area in small numbers. The landscaping in some areas is completely destroyed, burnt grass and trees that can date back ages, and a lingering smell of smoke from a recent fire started by the Keepers. Overall, the park is still in rather healthy condition, though the bushes are a becoming overgrown and thicker as time grows and it begins to transcend into a more forest-like expanse. A playground for the children usually lay empty, metallic bars rusting due to the salty air flowing in from the bay a few miles away. This park is closest to the Carna, though it is also a free area of navigation.


Phoenix St. John POSTED IN 'Rising Tide [Irka]'

Standing an impressive four stories high, the hospital still looks clean and new, but it is showing signs of its use. The brilliant siding that was once whitewashed to perfection is now stained with the rusted red of rain and weather. Inside, there are piles of bloody garments, gauze and bandages with no place to go and most of the beds have been stolen and put to better use. The surgical tools have long gone missing (save for those locked up by the few hospital workers long ago) to be used as weapons or more to their original creation to help fix wounds. The soul purpose for this building is a safe haven, the long corridors providing a place to recuperate and if you can get into the numerous locked doors of the supply closets you may yet find sanitary supplies and disinfectants for wounds of all shapes and sizes.

WARNING! There has been talk that numerous Viruses have moved into (ironically enough) the fourth floor of the hospital. Use extreme caution!

alexine POSTED IN 'like a moth, [P]'

Behold the wonder that is Studio Ess! Walls once layered with dirt are now covered in spray-paint, decorated by the mysterious girl who lives inside. The rooms and walls are painted pure white, hanging on the walls are sketches and paintings of the city and the test subjects, as well as the spectators. Various cots and mattresses lay neatly in rows and columns of precise degrees, as this vast building is a safe place to sleep for most Rogues, the loners who don't belong to a Ring and have no where to sleep for the long, cold nights. It was once an art studio, now abandoned, it is rumored to be haunted by a girl who stands next to the window, where you can just see her wispy hair through the planks of wood bolted on the window. Or was it just a curtain catching the wind? She is known to most as "S", though she never gets to know her room-mates who come and go as quickly as day and night.

alexine POSTED IN 'One night butterfly [klaus]'

Sections of city land that have not been claimed or named by the Rings. These areas are scattered about No Man's Land, and provide enough space for small groups to make shelter and go undetected by the larger Rings and other groups. These pockets of space are surrounded by many enemies, but for now, are open to the rogues who would stay and fight for their land.




Formerly called the Citadel Mountain range, these treacherous mountains are not something to be taken lightly. These dangerous peaks are full of obstacles, and a combination of sheer cliff-faces, a steep climb, and jagged rocks often make these mountains the final resting place for those who dare to travel them. Between many of these treacherous peaks, there are valleys scattered about, some larger and some smaller, with one of the largest being the valley which houses the glorious the Nilda Lake, and the Analoya Huntingrounds. Mountains and Valleys continue for what seems like ages, and in this magnificent expanse, and it can be rather easy to go astray. The tallest peak even still does not reach the end of the glass walls of the enclosure, though it is fittingly titled Condor's Perch, for any who try to climb to the summit will most certainly perish and be left as food for the vultures.

A fierce flock of bird Retro's have taken claim of this territory and it's treacherous peaks.

Chaq Balamut POSTED IN 'Wail of the Willow Tree [O]'


Nestled warmly in a valley between two mountains of the range is the calm waters of the lake. The waterfall that leads right down to the lake comes from the mountain tops that loom above. There are different parts to the beaches that are made from the shorelines. The west side is sandy and comfortable, but the farther east one gets, the rougher and rockier it becomes. Despite the discomfort of the rocks, it's a perfect place to look for a good lunch. Small water animals and birds tend to cling to the rocks, oblivious to their hunters. The lake has been used for swimming, relaxing, teaching, and hunting. It's the utopia of the Menagerie, being a wonder to all of how the Keepers would have the heart to give such a beautiful place. Anyone could survive here better than they could in the Rings with fresh water, easy-to-reach food, and the shelter of the mountain side to the west or the forested hunting grounds to the east.

All Shifters beware! A pack of canine Retro's have taken control of this territory!

Thorn POSTED IN 'Survival is a Full-Time Job [Open]'

Near the waterfall that tumbles into the lake, there stands a small cabin that's difficult to spot. It seems that an ivy vine has grown harmlessly over it, hiding it from the oblivious wanderers. It's absolutely beautiful. There's an antique look to the porch and a door that looks too big for it's hinges, while on the inside, it seems it may be one of the very best accommodations of the Menagerie. There's surprisingly new carpeting in most of the rooms and tiling in the kitchen. There's a gas-operated oven that the Keepers (though rarely) provide gas for, and a sink that doesn't work. There's plenty of cabinets but most of them remain empty. One large bed is downstairs with full sheets, pillows, and blankets, but there are about four more twin-sized bed up on the second floor. It's nearly a bunk-house, or a cabin for camping and hunting. There's one big window down stairs and two small windows upstairs, but no light streams through them because of the ivy that thickly blocks out the sun. For whatever reason, the Keepers have supplied this gorgeous and comfortable place. Be warned! It could be nothing more than a trap.

Hestia Murray POSTED IN 'Pain on Pain Repeating '


Grass plains stretch far beyond a line of sight, and a forest lines the fringes of the terrain which is mostly off limits as it runs into the Huntingrounds. A massive river winds it's way through the lands, a great 's' shape like a snake slithering through the undergrowth. This river eventually connects with Goodlady Lake, though it is admittedly quite a trek. Lush plains grow thick with the finest grass and provide ample territory for the Bellator herd that calls these lands home. These lush meadows are most often left wholly to the rule of the herd and intruders are not often seen, as the lands stretch far and wide from the city, a vast expanse of rolling, hilly land that never seems to end. There are several alcoves of sparse forestland that stretch from the Huntinground woodland that provide shelter for the herd or the random passerby, however rare they may be. It's not easy to get turned around, though, for in the distance lay the imposing shadow of the Citadel Mountain range and all the danger that lay within.

Digg Haywood POSTED IN 'faith, trust & pixie dust [P]'


Beyond the treacherous Citadel mountain range, to the east of the vast, glistening lake rests a magnificent forest, known as The Huntingrounds. The land is covered in lush vegetation, and massive redwood trees reach for the skies like skyscrapers. The rays of sun filter through their leaves giving the forest a warm, green glow, and spot the forest floor with dapples of light. Deep within the midst of the forest, the trees open out into large meadow-like clearings, where woodland animals may be found grazing and enjoying the warmth of the sun. These clearings are the prime environment for hunting, and a refuge for those who wish to venture out of the masses of the Rings and the city. At night, however, an eerie fog often spreads itself across the ground and the inky darkness makes it near impossible to navigate - be sure you don't stray off your course.

Hunting is no longer advised. Massive feline Retro's have named this as their territory.

Tahoe POSTED IN 'Noxious Fumes [L]'


Sections of wild territory that are not in use by the retromorph groups. These lands lie in different areas of the Retromorph territory, and provide enough space for small groups to roam and live without too much trouble. These pockets of space are surrounded by many enemies, but for now, are open to the rogues.

Sloane POSTED IN 'By Siren's Call [Contagion]'

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