Hundreds of thousands of feet of glass - a never-ending expanse of transparent boundary, cutting you off from all you ever knew and loved. Curious eyes tinged with fear stare from just behind, just beyond, persistent in their disdain and lingering hatred.

It is The Wall.

Xavior Perez POSTED IN 'What You See Isn't Always The Truth [Labyrinth]'

The entrance is hidden in an inconspicuous warehouse, beneath a staircase in a dark, crowded room and hidden by a wall of crates; it is nearly impossible to discern from its surroundings. The main sleeping area is set up about four tunnels down, well hidden through labyrinthine tunnels and almost completely dark; it is inactive and quite clean for a sewer. There are a few cots and mattresses scattered about. For the most part it remains quite dry, although the air always has a certain heavy moisture lingering. There is only one main section that is blocked off from the flow of water; the other long, winding tunnels are susceptible to flooding if the Keepers decide to make it rain, but they make handy escape routes if the time comes for fleeing. The Carna sewers are unique in that they can only be accessed from the inside, preventing any outer attack. It has only one entrance, but a few exits known only to the Carna.

Tessera Guldak POSTED IN 'In Darkness [Ellie]'

The docks are old and worn over hundreds of years of use but still stand on tall wooden stilts to keep clear of the water below. Beneath the docks is a small, very rocky shoreline that often stinks of rotten fish and seaweed and a few ships still remain tied up but most seem beyond repair and are half sunken as it is. Though, it does provide a safe escape for those who seek it. There is one long pier built of jagged rocks that jut out into Blackwater Sound, only visible during low tide. Towards the eastern edges of the territory is the vast number of warehouses that choke the area, providing a mini village of housing and storage. To the south lay the Citadel Mountain Range, though it is quite a long walk and a treacherous climb up the harsh cliffs.

Ebony Lancaster POSTED IN 'Pistol for a MOUTH [C]'

The SS Anzio was once a glorious warship, serving its mother country with honor and duty; around the year 2020, it was attacked by submarine torpedoes just outside Blackwater Sound, but as time passed the current dragged it inch by inch till it rested near the middle of the bay. It is said to still be containing age-old armed missiles and ammunition somewhere in the depths of locked chambers. In total, the SS Anzio runs about 500 feet in length, though most of it is submerged, only leaving about half of it above water. The ship is relatively safe, and though it was once accessible by a small float bridge built by the Carna, the only way to get to it is by taking a swim, as the bridge was destroyed in a vicious storm.

Lovely POSTED IN 'Light in The Darkness [Ethan]'

These cliffs are the outcroppings of the Citadel Mountains. The lip of the cliffs are dotted by thick, dark patches of redwood trees that managed to survive the disasters of the passing of time stand tall and menacing, gnarled branches casting great shadows over all who walk below. The cliffs are not only dangerous when peering over the edge, but they are home to countless sharp bursts of wind that could sweep the feet right from under you. A shoreline stretches below, rocky and torrential, and to the North, the vague outline of the CarnaRing docks can be seen.

Zora Hendrix POSTED IN 'The Unseen [Labyrinth]'

Far below the menacing cliffs lay a hidden sanctuary, as the Carna territory is often known to hold secret annexes and alcoves beyond the knowledge of anyone else. Crusoe's Cavern is well hidden and difficult to find, and though the entrance is small and cramped it eventually widens out into an enormous cavern, the ceiling stretching as high as most cathedrals and walls set wide enough apart to fit two large houses in side by side. It is huge in size, though not in depth; it only goes back about fifty feet or so from the entrance.

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