Hundreds of thousands of feet of glass - a never-ending expanse of transparent boundary, cutting you off from all you ever knew and loved. Curious eyes tinged with fear stare from just behind, just beyond, persistent in their disdain and lingering hatred.

It is The Wall.

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The junkyard is referred to as Shantytown by the tribe-members. It has a rather large building that the Bestia constructed of the scrap metal, which the Nakoma rebuilt and fortified, called the Hovel. It is constructed entirely from the scraps found around the junkyard, and the walls consist of metal siding from old buildings, dumpsters, and random bits of rotten limber worthy enough to save. Its two windows are two car doors, rusted blue and red in coloration. The door is the strongest part about the makeshift fortress, consisting of three layers of solid metal, with a surprisingly large bolt lock that is near impossible to break. In the main junkyard, there are heaps of old cars and trash that stand upwards of 20 feet high, varying in height and width and two observation towers rise above. The towers are also made of scrap metal and wood, with ladders to get to the top. The junkyardÂ’s outer wall is fortified with barbed wire and sharp objects to provide defense against attack.

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Standing directly behind the junkyard, the factory is a large, mainly empty building that is used for storage and construction. Once a car factory, the Nakoma have turned this into a production factory of their own, using it to build defenses and weapons as well as tools for hunting. The two levels are filled with resources that make construction easier, and the several rooms are used to store food and water supplies. Most Nakoma members don’t sleep in the factory as it is relatively unsafe, though sentries are posted to keep watch for thieves or raids. Most of the tall windows have been shattered, so they are boarded up but still vulnerable in spots.

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Unlike the Fulsi, the District streets have single story houses. It is more of a neighborhood, really, though the houses are barren and have been stripped of food supplies, however the Nakoma often use them for building supplies to expand the Shantytown. The streets are in poor condition, grass and a few sparse trees growing through the cracked asphalt and cement sidewalks. It is not always safe to navigate the streets alone, as the many houses and small alleyways serve as good hiding places for potential attackers. The Streets are used to access the Riverbed.

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The river was once a strong-flowing waterway but has now been reduced to little more than a trickle. Surrounded by steep concrete walls, at least fifteen feet high, the cracked concrete riverbed is filled with a few inches of slowly flowing water. This water is unsuitable for drinking unless filtered out. The wide riverbed is accessed via tunnels that lead upwards to the upper city streets. This open space leaves Nakoma vulnerable to attacks, but this is their major water source and the risk must be taken.

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As the slow moving riverbed winds through the District, it branches off into a half-dug canal where water pools into a large pond. It is a small haven of sorts, where the cracked cement walls have been invaded by the roots of sturdy trees. They form a protective thicket around the pond, providing shade and shelter, and the cement slopes have been covered with a thick layer of grass and weeds. Some Nakoma camp out for the night, as The Hollow is a frequent stop for extended hunting. It is also a prime spot for fishing, for little frogs and fish have made their home in the pond and water fowl frequent it.

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This territory called The District by the Nakoma Tribe is predominantly seen as a junkyard filled with heaps of metal scraps and cars and left over building material. But the Nakoma have truly made this territory their own, reclaiming the land that was once the Bestia’s to provide safety and refuge for any and all Anthros in need. The junkyard is the main spread of the territory, and is surrounded by surface streets which the Nakoma patrol, as well as an abandoned factory and a sprawling riverbed. The Carna are the closest border-wise and they remain a constant threat.
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